“At Diferente, the bride and groom can expect  a personalized service,  attention to detail, exclusive solutions and an enormous professionalism.”


Cristina Almeida - Creative Director at Diferente


Diferente appeared in 2008 with the clear objective of making a difference in the  weddings graphic design area .

We are based in Espinho (near Oporto - Portugal), where we have our studio and showroom open to the public so that you can get to know us in person as well as see our work on the spot! However, when the distance requires it, we have procedures to handle everything online, and wedding invitations and other elements can be sent Worldwide.


Our intervention area ranges from the wedding invitation to the decoration, without forgetting the other graphic elements, such as menus, table and seating plan markers, honor book, favors, among others .. .

Our proposals are defined by new trends in event design, constantly focused on efforts to create unique and memorable environments for our customers' celebrations, thus providing unforgettable moments both for you and your guests.

Supported in the development of an idea, and starting with the planning of the elements and the materialization of an environment, we intend to mark your event through the detail that will be evident from the invitation to the decoration.

The passion for what we do is present in the rigor, coordination and precision of the details that highlight each event.

We always try to be extremely careful with each client: understand well what they want, have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently, and meet deadlines and budgets with the quality that is required of us.

Diferente focuses on the combination of four key elements that set us apart in the market: personalized service, attention to detail, exclusive solutions and professionalism.

Our aim is to make the potentially overwhelming task of selecting and executing the graphic line for your celebration result in a simple and pleasant experience. All the elements present in the organization of the graphic elements that make up the event, whether in the originality of the invitation, in the detail of the table marker, in the originality of the offer or even in the elegance of the decoration, are coherent and contribute to the composition of a distinct environment.

We are here to create the perfect image for a special event, yours !


"Absolutely fantastic! From the first contact to the unwrapping of our wedding invitations and menus, everything was spectacular! Friendliness, competence, imagination, speed and an extreme care mirrored in the perfection of the work and in the care with sending by mail. Thank you very much for I recommend 1000! P.S .: And all this from more than 450km away! "

Mara Dias in Facebook – 19/06/2019