Paula Torrão in Casamentos.pt - 21/09/2020

We love the professionalism and quality of the work of this team. Due to covid we had to ask for digital invitations and they accessed it without any problem. You will not regret hiring them!

Tânia Silva in Casamentos.pt - 15/01/2020

Magnificent. I loved this service and recommend

Different was all good. The staff are very efficient and helpful. The invitations were as I intended. And the deadlines have been met.

Mara Dias in Facebook - 19/06/2019

Absolutely fantastic! From the first contact to the unwrapping of our wedding invitations and menus, everything was spectacular! Friendliness, competence, imagination, speed and an extreme care mirrored in the perfection of the work and in the care with sending by mail. Thank you for everything! I recommend 1000!
PS: And this is all over 450km away !!!!

Renata Neves in Casamentos.pt - 11/19/2019

Creativity & Design. Pedro is a super patient, creative, sincere and above all available person. He helped us a lot in the creation of the project and developed the work with care and professionalism. There was no one who did not praise the layout of the invitations that were simply fantastic as well as everything else that was requested.

Laurita Negrei in Casamentos.pt - 06/11/2019

Thank you for all the work, always super helpful. From invitations to placards and souvenirs, everything was very beautiful. We loved it!


Flávia Neves in Facebook - 10/23/2019

They are great professionals and do beautiful jobs, I would choose them again, without any doubt !!

Liliana Cardoso in Casamentos.pt - 23/10/2019

Pedro is a creative person, sincere and above all available.
I strongly advise the originality of the team's invitations.

Carla Maravilhas in Casamentos.pt - 10/18/2019

Beautiful and super original invitations. Our wedding invitations were beautiful, we loved it! And the guests too. Friendliness and professionalism.


Inês Sousa in Facebook - 8/10/2019

We recommend Differente without any doubt and we are very happy to have collaborated in our wedding. They always guaranteed that our wishes were fulfilled, realizing our ideas just as we had thought. They always delivered all materials on time and with quality. We liked a lot!

Ana Dagge in Casamentos.pt - 10/07/2019

I loved all the availability! They were incredible, great and very fast. I strongly recommend it!


Telma Reis in Facebook - 27/09/2019

Our wedding invitations were highly praised by everyone. They looked exactly the way we wanted them: elegant but full of color and with the symbol we asked them to incorporate. I recommend


Cleide Maria in Facebook - 27/09/2019

What a fantastic team. Diferente made the invitation and wedding gifts of our dreams a reality, the first image that our guests had of our wedding was incredible, everyone, but everyone even asked who made them.
The explanation of the different materials and the ones that best fit what we wanted, the dedication, the price - quality ratio, 5 stars. Thank you with all my heart for the spectacular service you have provided.

Kanimambo, Cleide and Tiago.


Ilda Pinheiro in Facebook - 26/09/2019

Great! They exceeded our expectations and managed to "read" our thoughts on exactly what we envisioned! Certainly, there is no choice but to "Different" and it is certainly who we recommend! Thank you for your commitment


José Peixoto in Facebook - 26/09/2019

Absolutely fantastic work and tremendous availability! The team is super friendly and available !!
5 stars! I strongly recommend it!

Stéphanie Gonçalves da Silva in Casamentos.pt - 04/09/2019

We chose the different one for our wedding invitations and could not dream better. We and all of our guests love the invitations. Simple and elegant. It couldn't be better. Thank you!

Joana Pinho in Casamentos.pt - 23/08/2019

We loved it! Professional, friendly, fast service and excellent quality. Without a doubt the best choice for our invitations!

Fábio Diogo in Casamentos.pt - 08/07/2019

We made our wedding invitations at Diferente and the only thing I can say is: make your wedding invitations here! As we live outside Portugal, we wanted a service that would allow us to be available to take care of everything from a distance. Everything went as planned, they were impeccable making the changes we intended, explaining the details, etc. I can't say much more than thanking you for the excellent work you did! Even top, thanks for everything. Best regards.


Mariana Dinis Dias in Casamentos.pt - 23/08/2019

From the beginning, the team realized exactly what we wanted. They were very flexible and the invitations were exactly as we imagined! We highly recommend it!

Luís Soares in Casamentos.pt - 08/06/2019

Flexibility, competence. Since we had the first contact, they have shown themselves to be capable professionals, complying with everything that was agreed from the payment deadlines. It was not difficult to choose with the quality of the work they do. We recommend.

Olga Samões in Casamentos.pt - 08/06/2019

Friendliness and efficiency! Many beautiful options. 100% satisfied. All deadlines were met and the final service was exactly what we wanted. All the guests loved the invitations for their originality: passport model.

Susana Reis in Facebook - 23/04/2019

Very professional! My wedding invitations were beautiful. I recommend!

Mariana Barros in Facebook - 22/04/2019

I looked for the services of Diferente for the design and printing of our wedding invitations and from the first contact with them we felt that the service was exceptional! There was always a great concern to deliver a product that would meet our expectations. The service was very personalized, we even had several conversations with Pedro about our options for invitations and about how we could improve the various sketches that have been made over time. It should be noted that the whole process was done remotely, since we could not travel to Porto, as this did not create any obstacle. The final invitation far exceeded our expectations and also those of our guests who made a point of praising our choice! For the previous reasons it is undoubtedly a service I highly recommend!

Leonor Machado in Facebook - 22/04/2019

A magnificent job! From the first moment, they understood exactly what we wanted and the result was exceptional work. I highly recommend it and I am sure that we will again use the services of Diferente!

Daniela Verde in Facebook - 17/04/2019

We love all the work ❤️ thanks for everything and for making our day an even more special day.

Christelle Neves in Facebook - 17/04/2019

Flawless service and service, despite the distance. I recommend!

Angela Jacob in Facebook - 04/17/2019

I strongly recommend the Different!
All work was handled remotely with all the attention, availability and, above all, concern to satisfy the client's request.

Excellent work 5 *

Fábio Diogo in Facebook - 23/01/2019

We made our wedding invitations at Diferente and the only thing I can say is, make your wedding invitations here !! As we live outside Portugal we wanted a service that would allow us to be available to take care of everything from a distance. Everything went as planned, they were impeccable making the changes we wanted, explaining the details, etc. I can't say much more than thanking you for the excellent work you did! Even top, thanks for everything.


Raquel Santos in Facebook - 26/09/2018

Despite the distance (everything was handled by email and cell phone) I felt dedication on the part of the team to get what I wanted. Our wedding invitations were exactly as we wanted. the result could not have been better. Thanks.

Maria João Capelas in Facebook - 08/06/2018

Excellent service! Attentive and concerned that everything is perfect! I strongly recommend it! I have arrived here on a recommendation, I will continue to spread the word! ;) Congratulations on your work!

Rita Morais in Facebook - 08/01/2018

I loved the friendliness, speed, availability, ideas and of course the quality! recommend it to everyone !!!

Teresa Canedo in Facebook - 07/01/2018

Friendliness, dedication, efficiency and professionalism are some of the characteristics of Diferente. They made our wedding invitations and we were extremely satisfied with the work done and service.

Congratulations! We will be back at a later opportunity.

Ana Cat in Facebook - 12/30/2017

The experience with Diferente was excellent, we resorted to our wedding invitations and our son's birthday, they had all the attention to what we wanted, and both times were Wonderful !!!

Sofia Pereira in Facebook - 09/12/2017

We trust the execution of our wedding invitations. We couldn't be more grateful and delighted with the final result. They immediately read our thoughts. We recommend! S&M

Irina Reis in Facebook - 15/06/2017

I resorted to Diferente to prepare the invitations, souvenirs, seating plan, honor book, rice cones and my wedding missals, and they met all my expectations and within all the necessary deadlines. The final work got 5 stars. I recommend and intend to go back to Diferente in other events of my life.

Vanessa Pinto in Facebook - 06/16/2017

I recommend! Extremely professional and with good taste! We resorted to Diferente for our wedding, farm decoration, civil space, cones, balloons, furniture etc ... Very helpful and always available via whatsapp and skype which made it very easy once we were out of the country. We will resort again to other festive situations.

Joana Moreira in Facebook - 10/07/2017

Excellent execution of our orders. We thank Diferente for all the professionalism and dedication they showed in our orders. The final result was exceptional, exactly the way we idealized. We strongly recommend the services of this company.

Mariana Costa in Facebook - 08/24/2017

We entrust to Diferente the elaboration of our wedding invitations, as well as the seating plan, missals and cones. They immediately read our thoughts and fully went to what we wanted. We recommend without reservation.

Carlos Almeida in Facebook - 06/14/2017

I strongly recommend it. Good communication. I needed to shorten the delivery times and the work arrived on the day of my need. Very good quality, I will use the services again whenever I need them!

Filipa Carvalho in Facebook - 06/14/2017

We love the great job they did for my son's baptism / communion. I will recommend! Thank you!

Mariana Martinho in Facebook - 11/09/2017

I recommend Differente to anyone, but mainly for weddings. They are very supportive and I had, almost on the eve of the wedding, to change two tables and they did not pose any problems and changed tables immediately and did not even ask for payment for this exchange. Whenever I need this kind of work, I will definitely go back to Diferente.

Thank you

Diana Mota in Facebook - 07/09/2017

Excellent professionalism and creativity! Everything was perfect! Thank you for helping to make our day unique.


João Coimbra in Facebook - 10/20/2017

Work of great elegance and proximity! Unforgettable, unforgettable team, thank you for everything !!.

Milene Silva in Casamentos.pt - 26/07/2017

I asked Diferente to help me prepare my wedding invitations and I couldn't be more satisfied with the work that was done. So much so that I ended up also ordering my honor book. The contact was almost always made with Cristina who managed to reproduce exactly what I wanted, but all the people I spoke with were always attentive and available. Without a doubt, I will hire the services of this company again.

Eliane Silva in Casamentos.pt - 31/08/2017

This company was always available and responded whenever desired! The invitation was just as we wanted it and whenever we needed changes, they immediately agreed! Very professional, thank you!

Soraia Oliveira in Casamentos.pt - 13/06/2017

I definitely recommend it! Couldn't have collected better, everything was done to the smallest detail and with great care! Everything was perfect! Congratulations for your work, for all your sympathy and help in making the day even more beautiful!

Vanessa Machado in Casamentos.pt - 03/01/2017

I totally recommend the service! Our invitations were exactly as we wanted! They were super attentive to us from the first email we sent. The price is not very affordable, but it was worth every cent, as the finishes were perfect. I found the box where the invitations were delivered to us super simple, but at the same time different!

Sara Pereira in Facebook - 12/31/2016

I just received my wedding invitations, I have no words to describe my satisfaction. Thank you for the excellent work.

Luis Faustino in Casamentos.pt - 01/10/2016

Excellent service very good with articles of very good quality and always with original ideas. Very welcoming shop and employees are always helpful and willing to help. Quality of service and affordable prices.

Sofia Calvário in Facebook - 10/09/2017

Diferente ideally designed our magnificent wedding invitations! Huge care in the selection of all materials, paying attention to the smallest detail! The result culminated in a beautiful job, full of professionalism and great taste!

Liliana and Geoffrey in Casamentos.pt - 12/16/2015

The team at Diferente produced our personalized wedding invitations in great detail, with great professionalism. Our invitations are wonderful. We are proud of our beautiful invitations and recommend the services of Diferente.

Patricia Filipa Pereira in Casamentos.pt - 10/01/2016

I have to thank Cristina for the professionalism she showed, she answered all of our requests. We loved our invitations, it was what we were looking for. The guests loved it. I recommend it 100%. Thanks to the whole team.


Angela Conde in Casamentos.pt - 27/06/2016

A perfect choice in everything, invitations, guestbook. I loved it, everything was as I wanted. I loved the service. Professionalism. I strongly recommend it. Thanks.

Joana Salazar in Casamentos.pt - 04/01/2016

We wanted a different invitation and so we opted for the services of this company. Their response to our ideas was immediate. They really liked the idea and always expressed that it was a different invitation and that they had never worked with (pop-up). Despite being a little more expensive, the quality is much higher than what is normal.

Arminda Afonso in Casamentos.pt - 27/10/2015

Very professional, they paid close attention to what we ordered and the changes we made to our order. You have a wide variety to choose from, all the contacts we made were always very attentive, they always tried to do everything as we asked and the end result was beautiful, we love our invitations.

Alexandra Mesquita in Casamentos.pt - 10/11/2014

Excellent quality work with a high level of professionalism. A great choice for those who want a personalized service. Excellent creators and creatives, able to listen to our ideas and make them come true

Marta Carvalho in Casamentos.pt - 29/04/2014

Diferente is how the name says "different" so it is confirmed by the service, friendliness and professionalism. Very good taste and originality and a great variety of materials is what you want for every occasion. Thank you.

Tiago Jorge Candeias in Casamentos.pt - 08/28/2014

The work done by Diferente for our wedding was just beautiful. We already had a concrete idea in mind, and Teresa was impeccable and very efficient in creating and adapting our ideas to the markers and the like! The final result received a lot of praise from the guests and we can only thank all the availability and support they gave us! I strongly recommend Differente to all the newlyweds!

Daniela Carneiro in Casamentos.pt - 24/09/2017

After many exchanges of emails and many changes, the invitations were beautiful! Everything else (missals, menus, panel and table markers) was also what we wanted! Thank you for the service provided.

Paulo Sousa Almeida in Facebook - 15/09/2017

They develop an original and very professional work. In addition, they are extremely flexible, affable, friendly and competent people. An excellent option! Congratulations!

Ana Pires in Casamentos.pt - 03/02/2015

Dedication and professionalism of excellence! Always available and easily adapt to what we want! The importance they attach to every detail is worth mentioning! All deadlines have been met. I recommend it to all grooms!


Lisete Brito in Casamentos.pt - 08/12/2015

It was the first company we saw and it was the one we chose to make our wedding invitations. Totally flexible, compliant and able to suggest without imposition. It was a long distance relationship, through phone calls and email, and we achieved a spectacular result. Thank you very much for your service and professionalism.



Thank you all!

It is your recognition and your satisfaction that make us want to be better and better ...

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